We have big news to share!

We are joining Kindred Foundation!

We are excited to share that we have decided to integrate with Kindred Foundation. Kindred is a foundation that is near and dear to our hearts. Their mission and goals are closely aligned with ours and many of our recent programs (U-Link and DECRYPT) have been in partnership with Kindred. We are proud of this decision and we believe that it will broaden our reach, so we can support more families, and continue to fund research. It is, however, a difficult decision for us, as in many ways, the foundation is an extension of our beautiful Phoebe, but just as we parent our living children, we make decisions about our sweet Phoebs and her legacy of hope.

What does this mean for you as a supporter of Phoebe Rose Rocks

We are excited to introduce Kindred Foundation, and the amazing work they do, to all of you. Phoebe Rose Rocks will still remain focused on our mission and quest for a cure for every child with cancer.  However, we will no longer operate as a formal registered charity, so funds donated to the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation will now be directed through Kindred Foundation and Kindred Foundation will issue tax receipts for donations. The Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation board members will join a committee with members of Kindred Foundation to make funding decisions.

  • Our programs will continue to be supported via Kindred Foundation
  • We will continue to host fundraising events and work to raise awareness of childhood cancer
  • Our integration with Kindred Foundation will take place over the next few months and be complete at the end of this year (2023).

Visit our post on Facebook or Instagram or our new Kindred + PRR page to learn more.